Recap / Death Note Ep 07 Overcast

While Light is walking with Penber's fiancée's, he has thought about what she said about Kira is true. Therefore, he has no choice but to kill her. He requests to get started at the investigation together so he uses a page of the Death Note to get details of the highjacking of the bus when in fact he started writing her name and cause of death. At the same time, L and the group got news that Watari is arriving at the moment.

Light waits for 40 seconds for the woman to die, but suddenly, she doesn't follow orders by saying that Kira will be captured. This gets him confused as to why isn't she doing what he had wrote down; at the same time, he's confused of why Ryuk can't stop laughing at her name. This hits him with a revelation: it's just an alias and that is the reason for his continuous laughing. Light realizes that since she believes Penber was killed because he showed his ID to Kira, she would keep her true identity a secret.

Tropes used in this episode: