Recap / Courage The Cowardly Dog S 1 E 1 A Night At The Katz Motel Cajun Granny Stew

This is the first episode and the first two segments of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

A Night at the Katz Motel

Muriel, Eustace and Courage stop at the Katz Motel to end their vacation. Unfortunately for them, itís no five star hotel, and Katzís hotel is the perfect excuse for finding unlimited food to keep his giant pet spiders happy.

Cajun Granny Stew

Courage and Muriel go on a walk in the park. However, a Cajun Foxy eyes Muriel as the final ingredient in his dinner, "Cajun Granny Stew", so he steals her. Now it's up to Courage to get her back

This episode provides examples of the following Tropes:

Katz: Now you're going to learn why nobody checks out of the Katz Motel.