Recap / Burn Notice S 3 E 1 Friends And Family

So we pick up with Michael swimming back to Miami. Once he arrives he ends up having to submit to being arrested. It seems like Management called ahead to report a dangerous and armed man is about to wash up on Miami Beach.

Michael muses on how operatives often end up spending time in prisons. Sam comes to visit and reveals that Michael is now showing up in the system as a person of interest.

However help comes in the form of an old buddy named Harlan who served with Mike. He gets him out and then asks for his help with a job catching a corrupt crime lord named Rufino Cortez who is stealing land from Venezuelan farmers including the father of Marta, Harlan's girlfriend.

They plan on kidnapping Cortez so he can be shipped back to Venezuela to face justice. Unfortunately Harlan botches the first attempt and Cortez sends his head of security Falcone to the second one. Finally Mike is able to abduct Cortez during the third meeting with the help of Sam, Fi and Harlan.

Unfortunately when Mike and Harlan get Cortez to the docks Harlan shoots Cortez and attacks Mike. Mike tries to persuade Harlan not to betray him as he cuts through the ropes but Harlan refuses so Mike escapes and subdues him. Mike leaves Harlan and Cortez's body for the team of commandos who were going to abduct Michael.

Mike, Sam and Fi take stock of the fact Mike is clearly in more danger and Mike resolves to get back in.