Recap: Bottom Apocalypse

Richie's aunt Olga is coming over to visit and the two try to convice her that they need a huge some of money. When Richie gets a phone call from a servant saying that she has died. Richie has been left 600 in her will which to two spend half of at the fair. While there Eddie shoots a vendor in the eye and the two are chased into a tent where Richie gets his fortune told, and he is going to die in three days. They go to the hospital to check if he is ill Richie deducts that he will die in an accident.

When they get back to the flat Eddie tries to drop a piano on Richie. he figures out it was a plot to get Olga's other 300 and throws him out. Later Eddie disguises himself as the grim reaper to scare Richie which backfires when the man he shot comes to the flat.