Recap: Bottom Contest

Eddie has been out to to the dole office where the supervisor has cut it of because their savings are to high (11.80)which he then spends on a second hand copy of parade and a bet on miss world Richie tries to fake his death to get a drink from him. Richie laments on why noone will have sex with him (again). Richie makes a slap up grill for 2 consisting of grilled lettuce, beans, green 'bacon' and 'elm' tea. Richie changes the channel which results in a fight and Eddie is thrown out.

The two make up and Eddie confesses to putting a bet on Miss China who isn't very attactive. The competition results in a win for Miss America. Eddie destroys the TV in a fit of rage and then confesses to never putting a bet on, he instead spent the money on a slap up grill to avoid Richie's cooking.