Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 008 Red Dawn

The Fifth Doctor and Peri land on Mars and encounter the Ares One, NASA's first mission to Mars. Several probes had previously tried to explore Mars, but all they'd brought back was some ancient rocks, some debris... some DNA...

While exploring, the Doctor accidentally awakens some familiar enemies: the Ice Warriors. While he and Peri stumble about, the members of the mission start dying one by one. Fortunately, the Ice Warriors are a rather noble bunch, and they're okay with the Doctor helping them out if everyone plays fair. Unfortunately, the mission leader turns out to be a grave robber who's fully aware of the Ice Warriors and their advanced weapons. Fortunately, the Doctor calms everyone down a bit and none of the grave robbing actually succeed. Unfortunately, one of the mission members turns out to be an Artificial Human constructed using Ice Warrior DNA. Fortunately, despite being only 17, she agrees to be a diplomat for the two species, and stays behind on Mars.