Recap / Baccano 1933 The Slash Part One Chapter 2 Spear And Knife And Katana

At the Genoard Manor in Millionaire Row, Jacuzzi is crying over a broken vase when Isaac and Miria visit in the pursuit of taking revenge on Firo for knocking over their domino setup. They decide (all while confusing Jacuzzi) that they should steal something important from Firo and pretend to get it back for him so that they can make up. Then the doorbell rings.

Meanwhile, Tick and Maria are on their way to the Genoard Manor in order to have a word with Jacuzzi's gang. Maria asks Tick if she can just go ahead and kill people during their visit, but Tick tells her that they shouldn't get violent this time. They discuss their personal philosophies on the art of cutting—Maria claims to be a Blood Knight who feels like she gets stronger each time she kills someone. Tick says that he cuts people in order to understand the intangible—things like relationships between people, that not even his scissors can cut through. They're so caught up talking that they pass the Genoard Manor.

Tim, Adele, and Dallas enter the Genoard Manor, introduce themselves, and immediately offer Immortality to Jacuzzi's gang.

Meanwhile, in another part of the house, Chane wakes up and has a Flashback to the day of Huey's arrest. She was prepared to cut through the police officers to rescue her father, but he told her to not interfere. Chane thinks back, and considers that she now cares for Jacuzzi's gang and Claire almost as much as her father. She looks out the window, and notices Tick and Maria in the Manor's back garden.

In the foyer, Tim and Adele suggest an alliance to Jacuzzi, whose unaffiliated gang is in danger of being crushed by neighbouring organizations. They offer him Immortality in exchange for teaming up, and Adele demonstrate the veracity of immortal bodies by stabbing Dallas through the throat. Isaac and Miria think they're watching a magic show. Jacuzzi screams. Really loudly.

Flashback to a few minutes earlier, when Tick and Maria realize that they've bypassed the Genoard Manor by quite a bit. Because going all the way to the main gates would take too long, they decide to take a shortcut through the Manor's back garden. They are greeted by Chane and her knives, to which Maria responds by drawing her katana. Tick stands on the sidelines and watches the girls fight because he's worried about getting in Maria's way if in intervenes. Suddenly, they hear Jacuzzi's scream coming from the manor entrance, and Chane takes off. Tick and Maria decide to go through the main entrance after all.

Jacuzzi, upon, seeing Adele stab Dallas straight through the throat, has fainted. Adele withdraws the spear, and Dallas regenerates just as Chane arrives. She realizes that Dallas has the same powers as her father. Tim sees Chane and thinks she's familiar, but ignores it. He is about to get to the point, when Isaac and Miria cheer and applaud because they still think it's a magic show. Tim returns to his proposal, and asks Jacuzzi's gang's help in stealing the elixir of immortality in order to increase the number of immortals. Chane takes this very badly, as more immortals=Huey in greater danger of being devoured. She attacks Tim so that they can capture him alive and get more information out of him. Adele blocks her with her spear and cuts Chane's face in the process.

Then, Maria shows up from out of a corner of the manor. She lunges at Adele and Chane, but the doorbell rings. Again.

It's Tick. He politely talks Maria down and asks Tim to finish up whatever business he has with the gang first, as Tick may have to eliminate the gang depending on how their negotiations go. Nice is about to ask him why, when the doorbell rings yet again.

Ennis and Ronnie enter the manor. Everyone is freaked out by Ronnie's presence, but he goes on and declares hammily that he is here for the same purpose as Tick.

Jacuzzi wakes up to an extremely unusual sight. Nice tries to explain to him what's going on. Isaac and Miria are struck by sudden inspiration and decide to "steal" Ronnie, who is Firo's knife teacher, and Ennis, as they are both extremely important to Firo.

The situation is at an impasse. Everyone is either scoping out other opponents, waiting for reactions, or just plain too scared to move. Then Dallas notices and recognizes Ennis. Cue Revenge Before Reason. He grabs a pair of scissors from Tick and knocks him down, planning to attack Ennis. He's stopped, however, as Tick grabs him by the wrist and asks for his scissors back. Dallas tries to attack Tick with the scissors, but Maria cuts off his arm. The arm comes back, and Maria decides that this is the coolest thing ever. She cuts him down again and again, like a kid in a candy store.

Tim realizes that the many painful un-deaths of Dallas is likely invoking ideas of Fate Worse than Death and Who Wants to Live Forever? in the minds of Jacuzzi and his gang, and that this will not help him sell the deal of immortality to them. So he sends out Adele to stop Maria.

Maria fights Adele, but she has trouble getting through the spear's longer range. Adele stabs through her.

Meanwhile, Ronnie tells Jacuzzi to either submit to the Martillos or become their enemy. Jacuzzi refuses, saying that although he doesn't want to make enemies, he won't join up with any mafia family. Ronnie takes this quite well, and decides to stop the racket happening in the background so that they can discuss the finer points of the negotiation.

Back in the Alveare, Firo wonders why Ronnie is always going off alone on dangerous negotiations. Maiza realizes that Firo (and Szilard, by extension) doesn't know about Ronnie's true identity.

Maria and Adele continue to fight, but it's turning into a Curb-Stomp Battle. Adele hasn't taken a single hit, but Maria is heavily injured. Adele gives her a Breaking Speech about how Maria has already lost all hope of winning, and goes for the kill.

However, Ronnie intervenes and takes away both the spear and the katanas in an instant. He lays them out on the floor while everyone stares in shock. The only exceptions, Isaac and Miria, decide that this is the coolest magic show they've ever seen. Isaac runs up to Adele and tells her as such, but Adele angrily stabs the side of Isaac's ear with her spear. Tim uses the opportunity to inform the duo that none of this is a game, and that they're really fighting to kill—but a second later, Isaac's ear is healed.

Of course, the "healed" part doesn't matter very much to Ennis, who demands an apology from Adele for hurting her friend. Isaac tells her that it was only magic and that it was unharmed, but upon hearing Ennis's name, Adele drops Szilard's name. At that moment, Dallas starts to wake up. At the same time, Jacuzzi screams that this house doesn't belong to them, so they shouldn't cause a mess inside. He apologizes to Ronnie and asks to negotiate later, as Nice drops a smoke bomb. Tim orders his team to retreat, and Tick takes Maria's hand, takes her katanas, and runs out of the manor. Jacuzzi's gang scrambles, and someone grabs Ronnie by the arm...