Recap / Connecting Chapter Rain And A Letter And Scissors And Love

Having escaped safely, Tim recounts the events at Genoard Manor. He realizes that they left without Dallas, but he has something bigger on his mind—namely, the fact that his older brother Tick was at the manor. Tim is shaken, but notes that Tick did not seem to recognize him. It starts raining.

One of Tim's men come over and informs him that Christopher's team, Lamia, will be coming in that evening to provide support.

At the Alveare, Firo is sitting around worrying about everyone, when he catches sight of someone standing across the street, radiating bloodlust. When the man notices that he's been seen, he walks off. Firo remarks that he looks somewhat familiar, but wonders who that could have been. At that moment, Sena (the owner lady of the Alveare) hands him an envelope she found on the counter. It's addressed to him. Firo reads the letter inside, goes pale, and runs out of the Alveare. Maiza and Sena read the letter afterwards—it's written like a ransom note, basically saying that Ronnie and Ennis have been kidnapped. Sena sighs, commenting that Isaac's handwriting needs improvement.

While walking in the rain, Dallas swears revenge against everyone who's ever wronged him.

Firo runs through the streets of Little Italy, realizing that the man he saw earlier was Dallas. He comes to the (unfortunately incorrect) conclusion that Dallas has kidnapped Ennis and Ronnie.

Meanwhile, Tick and Maria are taking shelter from the rain in an abandoned building. Maria is falling into a Despair Event Horizon at having lost to Adele. Tick tries to cheer her up and thanks her for keeping him safe throughout the whole mess.

At an unknown location, one of Jacuzzi's gang members enlists the help of Chane's fiancee. Claire Stanfield (now known as Felix Walken) swears vengeance against the guy who dared to injure Chane's face. The gang member informs him that the cut was made by a woman. Claire responds by declaring his support for gender equality.