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Radar: TaleSpin
  • In "My Fair Baloo".
    Baloo: Oh, and one more thing; take off your clothes... * sniggers* On the double, Beckers.
  • Not to mention in "The Balooest of the Blue Bloods".
    Baloo: (Dresses as a woman, complete with big fake breasts) What's with you buddy? Never seen a set of bongos before?
  • A funny one from "Bearly Alive", when one of Howard Huge's goons is poking Baloo with machine gun:
    Baloo: HEY! Quit pokin' me with that thing! You're as bad as my doctor . . .
  • Don't forget Buffy and Muffy from "A Touch of Glass", or the jokes Baloo cracks on them.
    Baloo: Ooh, that's a little toughy.
  • This conversation in "Citizen Khan"
    Baloo: How can he get lost in a town only one block tall?
    Corrupt Sherriff: Maybe he wanted to get lost. That Miss Clevenger, ooh, what a woman!
    • Later when Miss Clevenger fall in a vat of water when escaping from her room.
    Ms. Clevenger: After her bath a girl is ready for anything.
  • From "Save the Tiger"
    Molly: Is mommy mad at Baloo?
    Kit: Nah, she really likes him and he really likes her. (Rebecca slams the door) There's just times when they like each others better than others.
  • From "Her Chance to Dream", Rebecca, having received dozens of angry calls about late cargo, phones Louie's to locate her errant pilot, Baloo.
    Bartender:(answering phone) Huh? Where's the hullabaloo?

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