Radar / Abbott and Costello

  • In Who Done It?, there's a performing circus act called The Flying Bordellos.
  • In Ride Em Cowboy:
    Costello: (after a knife is thrown at the wall next to him) They got me! They got me!
    Abbott: Where?
    Costello: (the knife is stuck in the crotch of a hanging pair of pants) Right in the middle of all the excitement.
  • This exchange in Lost In Alaska:
    Rosette: Do you know what'll happen if I marry you?
    Nugget Joe: No, but I have a pretty good idea.
  • In Hold That Ghost:
    Costello: I play games. I play post office.
    Camille: That's a kid's game.
    Costello: Not the way I play it!
  • In Lost in a Harem Abbott tells Costello "you wouldn't make it to first base with a girl like that."
  • The "Tree of Truth" scene in Pardon My Sarong where the penalty for telling a lie under the Tree of Truth is getting hit on the head with a coconut. Costello repeatedly tries to tell "farmer's daughter" jokes, with Abbott constantly interrupting him and telling him that these stories are inappropriate. When a girl asks him what the man wanted when he went to the farmhouse, Costello replies "He wanted a glass of milk", causing dozens of coconuts to fall on him.
  • The "You're 40, she's 10" routine. As Costello puts it, "You got me going around with a 10 year old girl, you've got a fine idea where I'm gonna end up!"
  • While in Algiers in Foreign Legion, Abbott warns Costello that it's illegal in this country to get familiar with women. Costello notices a woman with lots of kids and says "Boy, is that woman in the wrong country!"
    • That movie is full of Radar moments, especially when Costello drives a Jeep through a woman's bath.