Quotes: Zone of the Enders

Message of the blowing wind
Erasing memories
Stars are the witnesses of our existence
Change is what the world awaits
Could that be peace or war?
The answer no one knows
Trusting the break of dawn
The blue bird flies away
Ranar likul viernopal kar
Ranar likul viernopal
Lenar panar virakeral kar
Lenar panar virakeral
Ehnar lakitu luyarpal kar
Ehnar lakitu luyarpal
Luyan henar terarkel kar
Luyan henar terarkel llukaparsi
nopar ehlkdu rapardu
rmisi porer tirer lupar
losa tlarsi tumirpar
lur latu retie marar
— Lyrics of Beyond the Bounds, opening of The 2nd Runner.