Quotes / Word Salad Title

Steven Heck: Operation Turbo Panther is a go!
Mike Thorton: Operation....Turbo Panther?
Steven Heck: Oh, yeah. I name all the operations that go down in Taipei, even the ones that aren't mine. Operation Latex Turtle, Operation Angry Bees, Operation AAAAAHHHH-YOOOOOOOW! Heh. That was a good one.

Someone please explain this one to me. Philly Flasher? Like Philadelphia? What's Philadelphia make you think of? Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, Rocky, cheese steaks, a witch shooting milk out her tits? Well it's no doubt that the game could take place in any city, and the title's only phonetic. It might as well be Chicago Shitfucker or Dallas Dickkicker.
The Angry Video Game Nerd commenting on Atari porn.

Well, the truth is that Dan couldn't think of a title that would fit the comic, so he tossed the words 'El Goonish' in front of his last name.
Sarah on how El Goonish Shive got its name.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. What kind of fucking name is that? How do you even sell that to people? A bunch of numbers that mean nothing to any fuckwit looking at it on a store shelf! 358/2 Days means nothing, and I won't hear any fucking words in its defense! I don't know if it references something in the game, I don't know, I'll Google it, but even if it does, that's not what you should lead with! 358/2 Days is gibberish! It's a game with Final Fantasy and Disney characters in it; call it fucking Disney and Final Fantasy Game, anything to make it sound appealing to people! 358/2 Days just sounds like some fucking horrible math equation!

Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue manages to do the impossible in being an even more ludicrous title than Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.

The American version... changed the name from Gunbird to Mobile Light Force, because apparently they juggled a bunch of Scrabble tiles inside a voodoo shaman's bone chalice and that's the nonsense that came spilling out.

When Ninety-Seven Nights just isn't enough, and Ninety-Eight Nights is right out, Ninety-Nine Nights is there for you. What a terrible video game title! What were they thinking?

You've probably read the title of this video and thought, "Surely there can't be a POP Station called Retieval Mankind's Batman!" Well, there is. It's the POP Station with no name. Well, it does have a name, but it makes no sense.

JRPG titles never make sense. They're just random words thrown together. The fashion equivalent would be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, ski boots, and a top hat... eh, actually, that does explain how the characters normally look.

However, I am left with one big question, though: why is Icicle Works called "Icicle Works"? There are no icicles to speak of throughout the game (unless you count small elements of the user interface), so what is Icicle Works? Is it the name of Santa's compound? Is it the name of the company you work for, who has presumbably been hired to collect his lost toy fragments? Heck, this was the mid-80s; maybe it was inspired by the Liverpool-based band The Icicle Works. They had some hits at the time, so maybe they were just on the mind and it just sounded like a good name for a Christmas game. Or maybe it was based on the 1960s short story? Hmm... "The Day the Icicle Works Closed" by Frederik Pohl. I think that's where the band got their name too, but whatever. If that was the case, I'd expect this game to be about the economic collapse of the world of Altair Nine.