Quotes / Where I Was Born and Razed

Takadox: He was exiled from his home island after he broke something.
Mantax: What did he break?
Takadox: The island.

"This one knows me, as I know him - the killer of his own kind."
The Beast on the Doctor, "The Satan Pit"

House: Fear me. I've killed hundreds of Time Lords.
The Doctor: (unimpressed) Fear me, I've killed all of them.
Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Wife"

Leontius: Amethystos...being a Hellenes yourself, why do you assist the Barbaroi in their invasion?
Amethystos: What did the motherland ever do for me? All it did was take away my loved ones! Don't make me laugh!
"The Battle of Dying Heroes", Moira

"No one living has heard of the village of my birth... and no one ever will."
Gul'dan, World of Warcraft