Quotes / Villain Decay

"Yes, Ali's destined to be another flunky
A sad fate not even saved by the goatee
His rivalries are all gone
He's just an Innovade pawn
And all his screentime is brief little clips
And he's just Evil Amuro's bitch
And his fights are shortened, his character thwarted
Killed by Lyle Dylandy
ex-Prince Aaaaa-LIIIIIII!!!!!"
Gundam 00 song parody, to the tune of "Prince Ali (reprise)" from Disney's Aladdin

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    Live-Action TV 
You're not the 'Big Bad' anymore. You're not even the 'Kind Of Naughty'.
Xander to Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Skulduggery: ...So we'll be fine.
Stephanie: You sure about that? Vampires are fast.
Skulduggery: Vampires are overrated
Stephanie: You once called them the most efficient killing machines on the planet
Skulduggery: Ah, they're not so tough.

Messy: You may have beaten us this time! And you may have beaten us last time!
Lame: And you'll beat us next time! And the time after that! And the five times... um, what was our point again?!

    Video Games 
"My dear Spencer... how the mighty have fallen. Your Umbrella has folded and now you have become a fugitive in the same world you once sought to control."
Albert Wesker, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles ending

"The times turn Jack the Lad into a pitiful figure. The local horror story - the one children have long been taught to fear - must now accept that he is not the only terror in town, and certainly not the greatest. There are no children now, and skipping through Archie Henderson's farm is hardly the worst you can do at night. We do not mind playing Jack's old nightmare game. However, there is little room for pity in the world of chaos: the next time you play with Jack, consider his misery and make it the last."
The Dragon, commenting on an in-universe example of this trope, The Secret World.

"Imbeciles! Fools! Nincompoops! Can't you idiots do anything right?! According to this, (Uka Uka shows a diagram in which their Villain Cred gradually decreases) your track-record for spreading evil is pathetic!"
Uka Uka to the other adversaries of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Wotch! You've foiled my plans for the last time! You've turned my own minions against me, but who needs them! Plan #340 will spell my triumph!

See, I've fought you guys enough, you're basically not level bosses anymore. It's like a videogame!
Dr. McNinja, after flawlessly beating one of his oldest foes

    Web Original 
I see a Nine Inch Nails video. I see an NBC Mystery Movie of the Week. I see a video game politicians decry in order to win voters. I see Dante being ripped off for the umpteenth time in the course of history. But most of all... I see that you haven't achieved anything the humans haven't already thought of before. You and the other Dark Generals have been at this for so long that it stopped being original centuries ago. The Yamiko used to be fear itself... gloriously pure and horrible. Now you're just another thing to be afraid of.
Dark General Cobalt, Sailor Nothing

    Web Video 
[despairing] To go from complex ideas destroying worlds to one half of Tenacious D acting like a dick-mule!

    Western Animation 
God: Jesus, what the hell happened to you?
Satan: Huh?
God: You got kicked out of here for being a headstrong rebel, and now you're such a whiny little bitch.
South Park, "Probably"