Quotes: Token Minority

"True dat ya'll indeed, inevitable black gang member!"
Yamagata, The American Akira

"You people are disgusting! You don't care about real diversity. This is nothing but...but tokenism!"
Black Panthernote , Wha...Huh?

"I'm the only one here who's not white!"

"Chill Factor is another example of [Cuba] Gooding being cast in the role of token black sidekick. You know, the gratingly annoying kind of sidekick complete with stock phrases like 'Aw hell nah!' and almost racially offensive overtones. I donít want to dig too deep into motivations, but it is a little sad that a movie capitalizing on Cubaís success sees him not as the hero of the movie, but the wisecracking shrill comic relief.
Miles Antwiler' on Chill Factor (1999)

"On the surface of it, Voyager has a very diverse cast. The captain is a woman; the first officer is a Native American; the operations officer is Asian. Even the aliens are diverse. Tuvok is a Vulcan played by an African American; Torres is half-Klingon, but her human half is latina. It feels like it continues the trend set by Deep Space Nine of featuring a diverse ensemble, with a particular emphasis on the female captain. So, by rights, Caretaker should feel like a celebration of diversity, right? Unfortunately, not. Despite the fact that the show has a wonderful diverse central cast, Caretaker is very clearly built around the one white male American character in the group...His middle name is even 'Eugene', in a nod to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Itís worth noting that Tom Paris would be one of the handful of Voyager characters to actually get a character arc spanning the series, and whose character development by Endgame involves a bit more than the sentence 'Ö is now seven years older.'"
Darren Mooney on Star Trek: Voyager, "Caretaker"