Quotes / Third-Person Seductress

"If I'm going to constantly stare at ass in this game, it might as well be a sexy one"
The Thinker, In this Forum Post on the Escapist, trying to name that train of logic after himself.

"You drive for a while. I'm just going to perv out." (Ass shot) "Those pants are tight! I love you! I love you! God...you'd think that top would come off....Whoever made this game is a genius, because you have an organic reason to always be behind her and close."

Yeah, I'm really glad we picked a female avatar for this game, because I really don't want to be staring at a dude's grundle while diving.
—Danny on Game Grumps

"I am Commander Shepard, I am FemShep if you play as a girl, and why would you not because what do you want to stare at for eight hours?"
Jennifer Hale, on why this trope exists.