Quotes / The Tape Knew You Would Say That

(The Tenth Doctor is recording himself onto a tape in 1969. Sally is watching the tape in 2007.)
Sally: 1969, that's where you're talking from?
Doctor: Afraid so.
Sally: But you're replying to me. You can't know exactly what I'm going to say, forty years before I say it.
Doctor: Thirty eight.
(Later in the same conversation)
Sally: Next thing you're going to say is, well I can hear you.
Doctor: Well, I can hear you.
Sally: This isn't possible.
Doctor: Well, not hear you, exactly, but I know everything you're going to say.
Sally: How can you know what I'm going to say?
Doctor: Look to your left.
(Sally's friend Larry is sitting on the floor, writing.)
Professor: (on holo-recorder) I know you're all very upset, especially Bender.
Bender: Well, life goes on...Except for you!
Professor: I'm sure that Bender has just made a cutting remark, but he doesn't know I taped over his soap operas to record this message.
Futurama, "A Clone of My Own"

Brooke Hogan, one of the many nuggets floating around in the metaphorical toilet that is Hulk Hogan’s sex tape transcript (working title: “The Hulkster is About To Make You Feel Real Uncomfortable, Bruthur“), is apparently super sad that people think her daddy is racist. I know, right? Whatever would give us that idea? It’s not like there’s reportedly a recording of Hulk Hogan growling out the n-word over and over again. Oh wait…
DListed, "Brooke Hogan Wrote A Poem About How The Hulkster Totally Isn’t Racist"