Quotes / The Nicknamer

"Here's Gramps and Boobies and Izurun and Re-chan, Bya-kun, Doggie, Shun-shun, Ken-chan, and Mayurin!"
— Yachiru nicknaming a chunk of the cast, Bleach

[ Randy enters the Copy Room ]
Richmeister: Ran-dyyy! The Rand-man! Randatollah!
Randy: Hi, Richard. Just making some copies.
Richmeister: Alright! The Rand Old Opry, makin' copies!
Randy: It's nice to see you, too, Richard.
Richmeister: The Randster! Randomly selected for your listening pleasure!
Randy: That's a new one. I like that one.
Richmeister: Ran-dyy! Likin' the new one! The Great Randino-o-o-o!
Randy: Now, that one I've heard before. [ exits ]
Richmeister: The Randipulator. Doesn't realize how hard it is coming up with new names. The Complain-meister! [ Steve enters ] The Steve-inator!

Kurt: You know, when you call me 'Lady,' that's bullying. And it's really hurtful.
Sue: I'm sorry. I thought that was your name. As an apology, I'll allow you to choose from the following nicknames: Gelfling, Porcelain, or Tickle Me Dough-Face.
Kurt: ... I guess I'll go with Porcelain.
Sue: Damn. I totally wanted Tickle Me Dough-Face.

"You are intoxicated!" exclaimed Xyl.
"Oh, don't crack your crystals, Glassy. I'm here because the Goldilock Brigade," she gestured at the Golden Ones, "don't have their strategist handy. Where is old Morgpie, eh?"
Krokano, Terentia and Hajamin looked uneasily at each other. I wasn't that familiar with the inner workings of the Second Circle cadres, but apparently they each had their individual leaders, or generals. "Morgpie" was Kalikai's nickname for Morgfyre, and I suddenly recalled why Kalikai was not very popular in certain circles - she had a nickname for everyone.
History of the Elder Wars, Lusternia

Drake: "'Grumpy?'"
Faun: "You know the rules, everyone gets a nickname. I settled on your most defining characteristic."

Aveline: You don't call anyone by their real name except me. Where's my nickname?
Varric: That's not true. There's Hawke and Bianca.
Aveline: Hawke is a family name and Bianca is a crossbow. Don't change the subject.
Varric: Haven't thought of a good one yet. What do you think of "Red"?
Aveline: Too common.

"Soup Nazi? You people have a little pet name for everybody."

Conan O'Brien: Let me ask you something. I know President Bush is famous for nicknames. Has he tried to give you a nickname?
Barack Obama: You know, the thing, I can't tell whether he's trying to give me a nickname or whether he can't pronounce my name.
Conan: Give him the benefit of the doubt!
Obama: Sometimes, he calls me "'Bama!"
Conan: "'Bama"?
Obama: Sometimes, he calls me "Rock".
Conan: "Rock"? Rock is cool.
Obama: Rock is not bad.
Conan: "Bama"? "Rock"?
Conan: I'm just picturing... "Get 'Bama! Get 'Bama! Get 'Bama! Get Rock!" "Mr. President, are you all right?" They're gonna think he's having a fit or something!
Late Night with Conan O'Brien, May 12, 2006