Quotes / The Law of Conservation of Detail

“Now Jesus did many things in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His Name.”

He asked if he had any money with him, to which Don Quixote replied that he had not a farthing, as in the histories of knights-errant he had never read of any of them carrying any. On this point the landlord told him he was mistaken; for, though not recorded in the histories, because in the author's opinion there was no need to mention anything so obvious and necessary as money and clean shirts, it was not to be supposed therefore that they did not carry them, and he might regard it as certain and established that all knights-errant (about whom there were so many full and unimpeachable books) carried well-furnished purses in case of emergency, and likewise carried shirts and a little box of ointment to cure the wounds they received.

"Not especially noteworthy. You just have a feeling you should register this fact."

Everything seems to have some sort of meaning and each tiny detail seems to be some sort of important key to completely unlocking and understanding the big picture.

After years of reading Homestuck, the fandom has finally gotten the hang of deciphering such an insane puzzle of a story.

For example, if a banana was randomly placed in a panel, part of the fandom would speculate as to what the significance of the banana could possibly be, part of the fandom would attempt to prove that it is in fact not a banana, and part of the fandom would make a sexual joke.

Each sentence must do one of two things: reveal character or advance the action.
Kurt Vonnegut on short stories.

Julio Scoundrél: And it just so happens that I am an airship captain myself, in fact.
Elan: Really?? Wow, what are the chances?
Julio Scoundrél: Pretty good, considering we wouldn't be having this scene if it didn't forward the plot in some way.
Elan: Oh, right.

"There's also a guy with a unique sprite there. So you know what THAT means."

"Do you think that simply because I don't mention something in the book it doesn't happen? If that's the case, then most of my characters really need to take a piss."