Quotes / The Danza

In Mr. Nice Guy, Jackie Chan plays a martial artist named Jackie, because at this point in his career, he figures you're not paying attention to the parts between the fights and the stunts.

"The character I play is called Uncle Deadly, which is also my name. It's like it was written for me!"
Uncle Deadly, The Muppets

"We see our main character, Bill Paxton, who's playing a character named Bill. Yeah, that's quite a stretch."

...and [starring] 50 Cent, as Air Marshal 50 Cent!
Soul Plane 2: The Blackjacking trailer, The Boondocks ("...Or Die Trying")

"However in a lucky twist, Brian Thomas has been cast as the character 'Brian', and Tim Wright is cast as the friend, so I figured 'why not?' Iíll just make that character named Tim as well! Movies can be really strange like that sometimes."
Alex Kralie, on the Marble Hornets website