Quotes: The Beard

Santana: Have you ever heard about the term "beards"? It is when a gay man and woman date each other in order to hide the fact that they are gay. Like the Roosevelts. So you and I are going to be each others beards. Then we are going to win Prom King — and Queen and rule the school.
Dave: What if I say no?
Santana: Then I am going to tell everyone about you, and your life will be over. Only straight I am is straight up bitch. Are you in or not?

"People think you're gay now, Finn. Do you know what that makes me? That makes me your BIG, GAY BEARD."
Quinn Fabray, Glee

Fifth Doctor: Does he still have that rubbish beard?
Tenth Doctor: No, no beard this time — well, a wife.
Doctor Who, "Time Crash"

Penny: "Will you just play along until my dad leaves?"
Leonard: "Hold on. You actually want me to deceive your father with some sham, play-acting and kissing 'cause I'm GOOD with that!"
"The U.S. Mint also offers coins featuring the First Spouses! Impress friends and amuse surly newspaper vendors, who certainly won't beat you ferociously when you try to pay them with currency featuring images of Lucy Hayes and Ida McKinley, celebrating such achievements as 'organizing the first White House Easter Egg Roll' and 'crocheting slippers for charity'! So obsessed is the mint with the First Spouse series that they didn't let bachelor president James Buchanan disrupt their flow. They posthumously married him to the abstract concept of Liberty."