Quotes: Take My Hand

[Dr. Elsa Schneider is dangling over an abyss while hanging on to Indiana Jones. She spots the holy grail below her and tries to reach for it.]
Indiana Jones: Elsa... Don't Elsa, Elsa. Give me your other hand, honey. I can't hold you!
Dr. Elsa Schneider: I can reach it. I can reach it...
Indiana Jones: Elsa, give me your hand, give me your other hand!
[Elsa cries out with delight, thinking she's about to reach the grail. Suddenly, her other hand slips from its glove.]
Indiana Jones: Elsa!
[Elsa screams as she falls to her death]

Aladdin: Take my hand!
{Mozenrath grabs his hand]
Mozenrath: I'd rather take your life!
[Tries to shoot him]
Aladdin: The Series, "Black Sand"