Quotes / Take My Hand

(Dr. Elsa Schneider is dangling over an abyss while hanging on to Indiana Jones. She spots the Holy Grail below her and tries to reach for it.)
Indiana Jones: Elsa... Don't Elsa, Elsa. Give me your other hand, honey. I can't hold you!
Dr. Elsa Schneider: I can reach it. I can reach it...
Indiana Jones: Elsa, give me your hand, give me your other hand!
(Elsa cries out with delight, thinking she's about to reach the Grail. Suddenly, her other hand slips from its glove.)
Indiana Jones: Elsa!
Aladdin: Take my hand!
(Mozenrath grabs his hand)
Mozenrath: I'd rather take your life!
(Tries to shoot him)
Aladdin: The Series, "Black Sand"

Jimmy: Take my hand, Turner!
Timmy: Uh, I'm kind of afraid of intimacy.