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Quotes: Taken for Granite
Does the stone mimic life, or did it once live?

Crichton: After we're married, and I mean right after we're married, they turn us into statues.
D'Argo: (Wearily) That. Is. Fascinating.
Crichton: Excellent. D'Argo discovers science.
D'Argo: To what purpose?
Crichton: (Shakily) Governing continuity; they screw with our molecular structure, turn us into pigeon perches, and we preside over their senate or whatever the hell they call it for eighty cycles.
D'Argo: As a statue?
Crichton: Yeah. And we can see, we can hear, don't ask me how. And we're supposed to absorb every single facet of their governmental system; that way when Mom and Pops finally kick it, we rule.
Farscape, "Look At The Princess,"

'The Living shall not be put to Death', thus the catechism says. A magus walks out in mist, into nothingness, and so perishes! Pah! What punishment is that compared to being turned to living stone? Wearing out the ageless days of your existence, gnawed at always by wind and water and the memories of what it was to be alive!

He asked me how I'd rather go,
To burn with the fire or freeze in the snow
Well, I'd rather go painful and alone
Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!
Gandalf, The Hobbit

Huh? I feel like I've been at the beach. Huh? I forgot I'm not stuck in sand, I'm stuck in cement!
Meowth, Pokemon, "Mutiny In The Bounty"

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