Quotes / Surprisingly Similar Stories

Chester A. Bum: Wait — this is sounding a lot like that other fantasy film where there's just walking and magic... Lord of the Things!
My sophomore year of high school we had to do a paper where we paralleled a film to an event in European history, but we werenít allowed to do the Holocaust because too many people did it every year and tried to parallel it to Chicken Run.
— Blogger bestpal here

Ego-centric, overconfident dude, after subordinateís betrayal, makes the journey and becomes a better person.
— Blogger hsavinien explaining why Iron Man and The Emperorís New Groove are essentially the same story

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Michael, I found out that Ralph Fiennes split his soul into 7 pieces and scattered them around the world. And yes, this really is what I learned, not the set-up to an RPG on Super Nintendo.