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Quotes: Suddenly Voiced
"I think we've all established fairly swiftly that Conrad isn't the swiftest tool in the Franco-developed box. In fairness, we didn't fully know Conrad's level of douchebaggy-ness 'cause he didn't speak. We could go on the fact that he had, like, a cowlick hairstyle and brown leather jacket — although we've now added a hoodie underneath his leather jacket, so make of that what you will."

"Tex's personality is far more fleshed out. You got hints of his voice from the lengthy monologues before each location in the earlier games, but here he's a jaded, sarcastic, slightly goofy yet remarkably likable protagonist. A lot of this has to do with Chris Jones' portrayal of Tex — it's pretty clear that he's not a professional actor, and can't really pull off the whole 'tough guy' act. But he brings the subtle swagger of someone who really wishes he were a tough guy, and that's the whole part of his charm."
Hardcore Gaming 101 on Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon

Daxter: [to an unconscious Jak] Say something Jak! Just this once!
Jak: [Waking up] I'm gonna kill Praxis!
Jak II.

"Er, sorry, he's new to the whole 'conversation' thing."
Daxter, on Jak's newfound ability of speech, in Jak II.

"Is everybody listening? Do you believe me? Everybody happy now?"
Ĉon Flux's first lines of dialogue.

Barry: I can talk!
Ross: How'd you manage that?
Barry: I used my vocal box! And now I can speak words! *coughs* I'm not used to it!
Arin: Is that the first time you've spoken in, like, forever?
Barry: Ever!
Ross: I think I saw a moth fly out of your mouth.
Steam Train, Worms Armageddon

Gee, it sure is boring around here!

"Hey, cool, Dave! He can talk!"
Penn Juliette, after cattle prodding Teller.

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