Quotes: Stoic Woobie

But to cry in front you
Is the worst thing I could do
Rizzo, Grease

The physical and mental attributes of the Russian soldier are such as to make them the best people of all for war. They are long-enduring, tough, and insensitive and they find it easy to withstand the hardships of campaigning. They devour great quantities of raw and uncooked food, and their physical constitution is so hard that they bathe in rivers in the coldest weather.
Christopher Duffy, The Military Experience in the Age of Reason. Quoted from a contemporary source

She won't make a sound
Alone in this fight with herself and the fears whispering
If she stands she'll fall down
Superchic[k], Stand in the Rain,

He was a soldier, but he was also a DeMarian, Heir to the Throne. Her words were his words now, spoken in his voice, harsh and dangerous. He could not afford to be weak, to trust. Only on the battlefield where loyalties were clear could he relax.
But not here. Especially not here. His eyes met hers, reflecting the royal madness back at her. He was strong, he was stone, and the red-gray fire that glowered in his own eyes burned a darkness through his mind.
But the voice that cried inside was stronger, too, and now it no longer wept, it screamed.
Fiona Patton, The Stone Prince

This too I can bear
I still am Belisarius
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow