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Useful Notes: Flavius Belisarius
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Flavius Belisarius was perhaps the greatest general of the Byzantine Empire, and in his cunning, determination, and his tragic victimization by court politics, is in a way an archetype of the Byzantine state. He is first mentioned as an officer in the bodyguard of The Emperor (first Justin and then Justinian). His first military command was against the Persians. This was a seesaw campaign in which his most notable achievement was the great victory of Dara. His next deed was the bloody subjugation of a revolt by Constantinople's chariot racing fans (yes really!).

After this he was sent to North Africa to fulfill Justinian's ambition to restore the Roman Empire. The Vandals who ruled at the time were led by an ineffectual monarch, and Belisarius was able to outwit him militarily and politically and to gain enough defections to give Justinian a solid base. Belisarius' next campaign was in Italy. While there were many victories including the temporary capture of Rome itself, the campaign was tougher than North Africa. At the height of the campaign, the Gothic rulers of Italy tried to bribe him with the offer of making him an independant emperor. Though he refused, Justinian was suspicious enough to recall him to Rome. He was sent back again to Italy and then recalled again, in favor of Narses who was a less famous general but a competent one in his own right.

He was then forcibly retired but called back to repel an invasion of Bulgars. After this he was tried for corruption in Constantinople and found guilty, though opinion is generally that he was innocent and the victim of political rivalry. In any case, he was pardoned by Justinian but he retired and stepped down for good. According to legend he was blinded and spent the rest of his life as a begger. But modern historians generally believe he was simply relieved of duty and died out of favor but comparatively comfortably.

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