Quotes / Slash Fic

"Although slash portrays homosexual relationships, normal gay couples having sex are apparently not enough fun for fanfic authors, and apparently also kind of gross. It is preferable that the two male characters depicted in slash are not at all involved canonically. In fact, the ideal slash couple is two heterosexual males who are sworn mortal enemies, and also related. This makes the sex more interesting or something.
Slash is also sometimes called 'yaoi' among white people who think they are Japanese."

The archtypal slash pairing is based on the existence of a clear contrast coupled with a close emotional bond. Given that the standard example is Kirk and Spock, this almost doesn't even need elucidation. He's impulsive and rash, he's cold and logical, and yet despite that something glues them together. What could it possibly be? Clearly their need to rip each other's uniforms off and shag like bunnies.
El Sandifer, TARDIS Eruditorium

"There's Matilda and Miss Honey slash fan fiction out there. I mean, really, guys? Really?
"Hmm, I dunno, I can kinda see it..."
Mara Wilson (aka "Matilda" herself) and The Nostalgia Chick

"Stop it! You're giving the slash fic-ers material!"
Wiseau!Linkara, Warrior #2/#3, A Spoony Experiment Atop the Fourth Wall

Grace: Tedd said if I was Superman, he'd be Batman.
Justin: And you're dating. I think I've read that fan fiction.

Saavik: As you requested, I've performed a quick check on your calculations. They are essentially sound, but you've left one-tenth of one percentile unaccounted-for.
Vanessa: I didn't think the captain needed or wanted to hear about the Largo/Gryphon slash fans.
Saavik: I am unfamiliar with this context for the word 'slash', I think.
Vanessa: Seriously, just forget it. You're better off not knowing.

"Hugh has to be careful because I discovered this week, I don't know if you know what slash fiction is, but it's basically gay fiction on the internet where you have people like, you know, Captain Kirk and Spock shagging each other, and there's one of me and Hugh!" (Hugh starts laughing) "What're you laughing about? You're the receiver!"

"Does it embarrass you at all that you just measured yer success with women by how much gay porn they've made outta you an' your brother?"
Commander Badass to Sesshomaru, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

"Look, what these slash writers believe is wrong! We're in the twenty-fourth century, where our relationships are those of mutual respect and understanding for the mind and soul of our partner, not lustful exchanges in which we rip off each other's clothes in turbolifts!"
Captain Janeway, The Voyorgy Conspiracy