Quotes / Shoot the Medic First

Technically, field medics are protected as noncombatants under the Geneva Convention. The next time you get shot be sure to tell your killer. It's a conversation starter!

In the heat of battle, it can be tough to choose your targets. I'm sympathetic to that. You see a big guy with a gun, you want to shoot him right away! But I'm asking you... No, I'm begging you. For the love of God. People. Shoot the doctor. Shoot him. This motherfucker right here! Shoot him first!

Kill the bunny first (breathing on it should be sufficient) then kill what it was healing.

Foolsss... Kill the one in the dress!
Lord Victor Nefarius, World of Warcraft

Dende: (to Vegeta) You touch me, and you're not getting back up again. That's right. I'm your White Mage. And nobody f*cks with the White Mage -
Freeza: Oh, I feel real good about my life right now.

Strike down the medic first in a platoon, a basic tactic.
Mei Terumi, Naruto

Oh God. They're shooting medics too! They're not playing by the-
Squad Medic, Call of Duty