Quotes / Shadowside

The twin campuses hosted the best of the best in a lot of ways. Here were the fastest, the strongest that the world had to offer. The smartest, the most skilled. The toughest and the most cunning. Each had their strengths, their own weaknesses...

“Three years ago, humans advanced overnight.” The walls rumbled again as a monstrosity of asphalt and stone rose from the roadway and started off toward a nearby park, small child riding atop its shoulder. Little Billy was going for a stroll again.
“No magi other than myself are registered in this locale, but that young boy just pulled off something a mid-level earth mage with years of study would take days to perform!” [...]
“Don't care. Doesn't bother me.” Sara said, falling over on the couch in time to another of the behemoth's steps.
— A quote from the history of one character, offering a look into the setting. Because this is not a particularly strange event in the world of Shadowside.

<Phantom>: I... think I just had the Grim Reaper's Apprentice flirt with an alien...
<Phantom>: It just hit me.
— A member commenting in chat on a bizarre event that somehow Makes Sense In Context.

…‘Oh look, a treasure chest!.....Oh look! A Treasure Chest!!’ echoed a goldfish every 10 seconds…
— Heard by Arikarka

"How can people tell your a lepercaun? What is it about you that makes people realize you are what you are?"
Lyrica suddenly adopted a resigned expression. He tapped a finger against the tip of one of his sharply-pointed ears. As if in point, his eyes suddenly turned an impatient orange and his white hair seemed to enhance its sheen for a split second.
"I suppose my height is a dead giveaway." He offerred, without a hint of sarcasm.
— Miyo (immigrant from the moon) and Lyrica (Leprechaun)