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Funny: Shadowside
  • Sam: "But, but, they'll eat my kidneys!" as another character drags her to... a gathering of tabletop game players.
  • Calvin, in his human form attempts to punch a super-powered gorilla in the face in a combat simulation. The clincher? "HYDRA PUNCH!" The results are... predictable.
    • Given that this directly precedes a small Crowning Moment of Awesome for lizard-boy, he can be forgiven.
    • Earlier, in another topic, when his fourth head decided to spit out a string of vulgarity, the other three heads covered his mouth with his hands, so they wouldn't have to hear what was coming out of their own mouth, except for the last few words. Confused yet?
      • "I'm so glad we didn't have to hear most of that."
      • "Think we can get a V-chip for this guy?"
      • “Unless we suddenly get on television, I doubt it.”
      • "%#@& all of y'all."
    • He later argues with himself over the self-censorship.
  • The Crimson Horn, a sort-of wrestler who learned all of his moves by watching a wrestling show, also happens to have the ability to transform into a minotaur-form, has made a few appearances (usually only appearing whilst Clark Kenting ... which barely works anyway) has several of them. Partially stems from the fact that this is a world where "super-heros" and the like are openly acknowledged as an element of fiction, rather than the obvious course of action for anyone who somehow becomes super-human.
    • In order to hide his secret identity from someone with a superhuman sense of smell, he once ate nothing but tangerines for three days, as opposed to his favorite food, chili dogs, on the grounds that they were polar opposites.
    • In a flashback in the same storyline, he is defeated by a "supervillain" when he falls, not into some elaborate and well-hidden deathtrap... but when he randomply trips down the stairs. Immediately afterward, he refers to the criminal as "Failman".
    • One character's response to his name was somewhat amusing in its own right.
      • "Odd name. I take it that the 'Fail' part of his name means something related to his powers. As in almost any action taken either near or against him will automatically...well, fail. If that's not how he fails, then you probably wouldn't have failed at getting him the first time around."
    • The fact that someone who is openly known to be a minotaur-shapeshifter manages to parade around people whom have met him before, calling himself the Crimson Horn, and yet, while everyone acknowledges that the seems familiar, nobody realises who he is, is, in and of itself, hilarious.
    • The aforementioned human with super-senses (Chad, a "wolf-boy") at one point asks: "So, no Horn-mobile? Or something like that?" The answer? No.
    • One character, Sevens (who, really, probably did not belong in a group of superheroes, given her slightly murderous tendencies) went over what the group was saying in her mind, and when considering several details which may have been slightly helpful to what this was doing, well...
    • The Horn decided to give each of his five "partners" code names. We won't list them here as the effect is likely lost to anyone who is not at least slightly familiar with the characters (and definitely lost on anyone going from comics to this story with no backstory on the setting), but seeing these names assigned to some of the characters certainly got laughs from at least a few people.
    • When this incredible hero stood at a ticket booth for a ferry, he froze up for a moment, then turned to the others to ask, “…Does anyone have any money?”
    • After Calvin's fourth head one particularly long list of strong (and censored), vulgar speculation on The Horn's motives, another (more family-friendly) side of his personality makes a comment.
      • “I seriously think that he’s got some kind of horrible desk calendar that he’s getting these from that he’s not telling us about.”
      • “You’re just *** jealous that I got all the *** good ideas for a good *** time to *** have *** others.”
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