Quotes / Resigned to the Call

"All I wanted to do
Was play my guitar and sing
Take me away, I don't mind
You better promise me I'll be back in time"
''Huey Lewis and the News, "Back in Time"

"I'm going to be late for work. Again!"

"If elected in November," the Great Golfer read dutifully from a text plainly new to him, "I will go to...Korea?" The voice and choler rose on the word "Korea." No one had told him about the pledge. But go to Korea he did, resentfully."
Gore Vidal, "State of the Union 1975"

'After arriving at NERV headquarters, Shinji is told he must pilot a giant robot, and he refuses outright. I refuse to believe that there is anyone in Japan under the age of 30 who wouldn't want to pilot a giant robot."