Quotes / Red Pill, Blue Pill

"Tsuruya-kun ... I don't want to make that decision for you. I believe that you can handle the truth, now. But I don't know if you take this step ... if we explain everything to you ... that you'll ever be able to go back to being 'just a side character' again. I know you said you liked being on the sidelines and making other people laugh.
"In fact, knowing about your family, and what they do, I understand why you chose to make yourself a bit separate from the rest of Haruhi's friends. I can see why.... Well. I understand and respect your decision at that time. If you want to change things now, then I want to make sure you understand beforehand that it may be a one-way trip."

Elmer Fudd: How'd you do that?
Bugs Bunny: Nothing you see here is real, doc. It's all fake except for me and these donuts.
Elmer: I love donuts!
Bugs: Eat the red and you'll see the world the way it really is. Eat the blue and you'll see something else, maybe New Jersey.