Quotes: Reconstruction

Quotes from works

"Breaking the world is easy enough. But rebuilding it, that isn't so easy."
Kozo Fuyutsuki, Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

"I know I'm not the handsome prince for whom you waited. I don't have a fancy castle, and I'm not sophisticated. A princess and an ogre, I admit, is complicated. You've never read a book like this, but fairytales should really be updated."
Shrek: The Musical, "Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)"

"Though this irredeemable world has its continuing hatred and tragedies... this is still the place that she once tried to protect. I remember that. And I will never forget it. That's why I'll keep fighting."
Homura Akemi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Quotes on works

"Survival is, like Battlefield, a clear attempt to rehabilitate a classic Doctor Who concept. Itís a show that takes a classic bit of the mythos, blows the dust off and tries to figure out how that concept can work in the late eighties. In Battlefield, it was U.N.I.T. In Survival, it was the Master...It understands that the Master is driven by some ill-defined greed and lust for power, which is hardly the most nuanced of motivations, but it makes more sense than anything in The Kingís Demons or Time-Flight. Interestingly, this allows the show to position the Master as the logical end-point of Social Darwinism. Heís a character who does all these horrible things simply because he can and very few people have the power to stop him. Heís 'might makes right' writ large. Survival draws attention to how crazy and stupid the Masterís schemes typically are, and the characterís pathological inability to quit while heís winning, but frames them all as part of a distinctly eighties sense of entitlement."

[about Andrew Hussie] He does almost everything a bad author would do, and somehow makes it work. He makes a story full of Mary Sues. He works in numerous inexplicable time paradoxes. He makes a comic with incredibly shitty words and art (SBaHJ). All of these are things most authors would immediately discard as stupid. But because of both the scale of the situation the characters are placed within, it works. The character's sue like traits and abilities get them through non important bits, but fail them when they need them most. The paradoxes are explained via a Universe space that allows them to be such. SBaHJ is hailed as hilarious by being so intentionally awful. Hussie thought outside the box by doing idiotic things that he managed to make incredible, not to mention near unprecedented.
— Blogger flairina

Iíve never been certain whether the moral of the Icarus story should only be, as is generally accepted, "Donít try to fly too high," or whether it might also be thought of as, "Forget the wax and feathers and do a better job on the wings."