Quotes / Rebellious Princess

For she so much preferred a life of valour to one of ease that, when she might have enjoyed the pleasure of royalty, drawn by a woman’s madness she suddenly plunged into the hazards of war.
— Olaus Magnus

"The merchants' daughters, pale and beautiful,
open the windows, it's normal, there are stars outside,
they appear to be happy, but they should watch out for boredom,
in their golden, enchanted privilege."
I Nomadi (Italian for "The Nomads"), "Mercanti e servi" (Italian for "Merchants and servants")

"There's nothing more useless than a king's daughter! All a princess is good for is smiling and bowing. Father gets to make all the decisions, while I just stand around looking pretty!"
—Princess Calla, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, "You Snooze, You Lose"

I'm the most powerful girl in the land. With a wave of my hand, I can give a command. But it's just like... whatever, 'cause they don't understand. Look at my life from the outside and sure, I've got servants and tigers and stuff. You're probably thinking, 'She's got everything.' Well it's true, 'cause I do. But so the fuck what? It's not enough! I want a life of adventure, with no orders I have to obey! And dangers galore, 'long as I can be sure that I'm safe and secure at the end of the day! I've got to escape from this palace for a life where I'll truly be free! I'll go live somewhere new; just as big, with a view, and a few dozen servants attending to me! That's all I'm asking for! I just want everything, and more!
—The Princess, Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier, "Everything and More"