Quotes / Rebel Leader

A good officer sees numbers, locations, formulae, priorities, costs, and solutions. A bad officer sees people. War is dirty, violent, and unpleasant, but a good officer never, ever lets it become personal.
Nod Battle Commander Logan Rawne, Tiberium Wars

Who is Theodore Wicker?
Initiate King James Protocol. The code is 30 and 26 and 31. The password is "Job." Transmit!
He was Oxford born and bred, a leading scholar of demonology, this Age's greatest master of portal magic, of stepping between worlds. He came to Hell and adapted to the hallucinatory wilderness, thrived among the ashes and eldritch. An impossible mortal, now immortal, with knowledge of the Second Age. He preaches to the demons, and they listened. This man, born of dirt, became the spiritual leader of those born of fire. A misbegotten movement turned army. Soon, Wicker leads a power that tips the scales in Hell.
The Buzzing, The Secret World