Quotes / Real Is Brown

I don't think I've ever seen so many brown robes together in one place. It's like a showroom for the world's dullest textile factory.
Ben Skywalker, mocking the Jedi Order's tendency to wear brown-hued clothing for this very reason

"The next time you see some casual gamer tapping away at their Nintendo DS, show them a screenshot of Gears of War. Don't be shocked if they point out your game seems made up of three colors (brown, gray, and muzzle flash). Sure, hard-core gamers know the difference, they know the game is a marvel of technology."

"So I visited historic Over There. Don't be fooled by the old-timey photograph- the place really looks like that. Like, everything is tan and brown. The sky? Tan. And the streets are paved with a little different shade of tan."
Strong Bad on his vacation

"The only "Wonder of Thedas" is how everything got so very brown."

"Kirkwall's not brown enough for me, but hey! No Darkspawn!"
Hawke, Dragon Age II

There's not a single primary color in this movie, only dingy washed-out sepia tones. I know, I know: He's trying to demystify the West, and all those other things hotshot directors try to do when they don't really want to make a Western. But this movie... is so smoky, so dusty, so foggy, so unfocused, and so brownish yellow that you want to try Windex on the screen.

"Holy Color Explosion, Batman! Did a Crayola factory explode nearby? I'd forgotten what video games looked like before the 2003 Color Palette Standardization Act outlawed all colors in titles outside shades of gray and brown."

"I long for the sweet peace of the pasture... but the bright colors of the world taunt me!
Why must all things be so bright? Why can things not appear only in hues of brown!
I am so serious about this!
Dull colors are the future!
...The next generation!"
Bullet Bull, Super Paper Mario

"What's this foolishness? You know the dirt harvest is about to come in! Without our constant efforts the planet would be consumed with rampant greenery. Flowers! Trees! ANARCHY!"
Chan, Hsu and Chan

"Guild Wars (Prophesies campaign) is a detailed study in the color brown. It has dark brown trees on light brown hilltops overlooking tan valleys filled with beige pools of water surrounded by mud-colored monsters."
— Shamus Young, author's notes on Stolen Pixels #5

"That standard Vertigo palette of brown, red and different brown."
— Al Kennedy, House To Astonish, "1-800-ASTONISH"

"We were working on Skyrim and went back to Fallout, and we said 'wow, we were really into brown.'"
— Developer Todd Howard on Fallout 3.