Quotes / Raygun Gothic

"This cover has one of those really cool machines Tom built by the dozens. The artist knew how to make them appeal to young men of any age. Chrome. Lots of chrome. And yankable chrome handles."
James Lileks, describing Tom Swift and His Atomic Tracker

"Artist: Graham Kaye. He had a 50s sensibility that looked back to old sci-fi projections, not to modern styles. Hence this ridiculous thing. You donít know where to start —is this a kite? Why is it trailing three shower nozzles? Did they buy that booster from the Cat in the Hat? And isnít the ship a little small for gallivanting about the cosmos?"
James Lileks, regarding Tom Swift and the Cosmic Astronauts

"Same guy, attempting to be a bit more modern; here heís combined trends in automobile design with a small whale."
James Lileks, on Tom Swift and His Ultrasonic Cycloplane