Quotes / Only Six Faces

"But I really do like the art of Terry and Rachel Dodson, particularly their women. Sigh. I think they only have one basic female face, but itís still a gorgeous one."
MadGoblin, SpideyKicksButt.com

"for Dragon Quest X, Akira Toriyama learned how to draw a fourth kind of face (it's DLC)"

"Something youíll notice about Princess Peach fanart is that everyone gets her hair exactly right. The reason for that, perhaps, is that if you remove her dress (as many fanartists do), Peachís hairstyle is the only thing that identifies her. Take the above picture, for example: Rumple her hair a bit, and Princess Peach vanishes, transforming into Generic Sexy Witch! Watch the pageviews disappear! Ha ha, itís MAGIC!"
Patrick Alexander of Eegra fame, The Magnificent All-Seeing Eye Upon DeviantArt

"You are a silent protagonist, a brand new original character in South Park— meaning you are literally any character in South Park with a different haircut."