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Quotes: Off Model
"I felt awful when I saw how my work on Gulliver had been mangled by half-assed inking and bad in-betweening. If I hadn't signed a contract, I would have left on the spot."
Shamus Culhane, referring to his work on Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels.

"Lady, what the hell is up with your head?! Seriously, what is up with it?! Honestly, it's bigger than that giant Eileen head from Silent Hill 4! Geez, what is up with the art for this book?! Seriously lady, somebody needs to photoshop that thing back to the right size, because right now that melon has scared me more than the demons, monsters and undead wife!"
Linkara as Dr. Troy Abernathy on the artwork of Silent Hill: Dying Inside

Snowflake: You fool! Do you realize what you have done??
Takahashi: You started the fight scene! Now we're all going to be drawn by the... 3rd String Backup Animation Team!!
Joey: "Hey Kaiba, since Marik entered the tournament under a fake name, shouldn't he be disqualified?"
Kaiba: "The only person who should be disqualified around here is whoever made Tristan black in this shot."
Tristan: [having darker skin than usual] "Don't you be hatin' on my blackface, playa!"
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, episode 43: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mai"

Mr. Smitty: What's wrong with this picture?
Rocko: Uh, Bunnyman's got three whiskers?
Mr. Smitty: Yeah,
Rocko: But everyone knows Bunnyman has four whiskers.
Mr. Smitty: Right. SO FIX THEM! ALL OF THEM!

Barley: The shotgun looks like a fucking 70's station wagon.
Spike And Barley Play, regarding the looks of the shotgun in the Doom II version of the game.

"I present to you the fairest maiden... what the hell is wrong with your face?!"

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