Quotes / Notice This

I was reading a book and just passing the time
Pausing to sip Sailor Jerry and lime
When I saw something just on the edge of my sight
An upturned triangle outlined in white
And when I turned back to my book and ignored it
I felt my neck being rotated toward it
When evening descended, it turned no darker
And I realized I'd caught an objective marker
I went to the window but couldn't quite see
To what the damn thing had been pointing me,
And I wasn't just gonna obey sight unseen,
I had writing to do and a toilet to clean
But whenever I tried to focus on work,
It would flash and make with an eye-catching jerk
Or move very sneakily next to my ear
And then squeal in a high-pitched voice, "GO HERE!"
That night, I didn't get a wink of sleep
As it hovered and flashed and blibbered and bleeped,
So the next morning, with tiredness quite unabating
I went out to meet with a girl I was dating
She said I looked worried and asked me to share
And I noticed the marker right next to her hair,
Which, as you might think, didn't go down so well
I went home feeling a wee bit unstable
And produced from the drawer in the kitchen table
A potato peeler of average size
With which I proceeded to gorge out my eyes
For a moment I sat as they oozed down my cheeks
And believed I had at last found the answer I seeked,
'Til it popped up again, all alone in the black
That's more or less the point I decided to crack
Leapt from the window of my living room suite
And ran 'til my shoes had been worn off my feet,
The marker above and me hot on its scent,
Bouncing off cars and walls as I went,
'Til I finally reached the spot indicated
And fell to my knees incoherent with hatred,
"WHAT?!", I demanded, "What is it you want?!
What's so important you'd pester and taunt
With triangle white and voice dictatorial?!"
Press "X" to start the eye-gouging tutorial!

Carmen: Well, there it is.
Juni: How do you know?
Carmen: 'Cause it's big, and weird, and in the middle of the room.
Juni: Good point.
Spy Kids 2

And it's jumping up and down like it wants me to notice it for some reason. As if it needs to be noticeable compared to everything else in the game.
Faintly Glowing Things are always important.
—Commentator, Awful Hospital