Quotes / Not Even Bothering with the Accent

"Dad, why are you Scottish?"

"“Born in Dresden,” M explains. “Fled from East Germany in the sixties. French passport. Speaks at least five languages, no accent.” He forgets another key detail that contributes to Zorin’s ambiguous origins: he sounds like Christopher Walken."

Chris: Don't even pretend that you don't love Christopher Lambert.
Matt: I won't and I never will! He's the thinking man's funny-accented action hero.
Chris: Them's fightin' words.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Mortal Kombat

"I love Sean Connery. You know why? 'Cause he doesn't mess around with actin', he doesn't show off. Actin'?! He's a movie star! When Sean Connery is an— plays an Irish cop in The Untouchables, he's like, 'Yesh, that'sh right, I'm a Irish cop. Begorah.' When he plays a Russian submarine commander in The Hunt for Red October, he's like, 'Yesh, that'sh right, I'm a Russian shubmarine commander. You know it, I know it, I'm Sean Connery, you're lucky I'm in thish piece of shit, now let'sh get on with it.'"