Quotes: Not Even Bothering with the Accent

"Dad, why are you Scottish?"

"Captain Picard is French, as you can tell by his British accent."

"In the very best Schwarzenegger movies, they never, ever bother explaining his accent and give him a regular ol' American name like 'Ben Richards' or, um, 'Johnny Matrix.' So when I read this description of his new movie Maggie, I was sold. I mean, just look at that picture. Then imagine him saying 'Auugh! My dauda isss a zahmbie!' Gold."
Topless Robot, "Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Midwestern Farmer With a Zombie Daughter Fills Me With Glee"

Chris: Donít even pretend that you donít love Christopher Lambert.
Matt: I wonít and I never will! Heís the thinking manís funny-accented action hero.
Chris: Themís fightiní words.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Mortal Kombat