Quotes / Not Even Bothering with the Accent

"Dad, why are you Scottish?"

"ďBorn in Dresden,Ē M explains. ďFled from East Germany in the sixties. French passport. Speaks at least five languages, no accent.Ē He forgets another key detail that contributes to Zorinís ambiguous origins: he sounds like Christopher Walken."

Chris: Donít even pretend that you donít love Christopher Lambert.
Matt: I wonít and I never will! Heís the thinking manís funny-accented action hero.
Chris: Themís fightiní words.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Mortal Kombat

"I love Sean Connery. You know why? 'Cause he doesn't mess around with actin', he doesn't show off. Actin'?! He's a movie star! When Sean Connery is an— plays an Irish cop in The Untouchables, he's like, 'Yesh, that'sh right, I'm a Irish cop. Begorah.' When he plays a Russian submarine commander in The Hunt for Red October, he's like, 'Yesh, that'sh right, I'm a Russian shubmarine commander. You know it, I know it, I'm Sean Connery, you're lucky I'm in thish piece of shit, now let'sh get on with it.'"