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Quotes: Nice Job Fixing It, Villain


Seven of Nine: The Borg once traveled back in time to stop Zefram Cochrane from breaking the warp barrier. They succeeded, but that in turn led the starship Enterprise to intervene. They assisted Cochrane with the flight the Borg was trying to prevent. Causal loop complete.
Lt. Ducane: So, in a way, the Federation owes its existence to the Borg?
Seven: You're welcome.
Star Trek: Voyager, "Relativity"

"By now, there's so much paranoia running wild that you got guys checking in because they think they're about to be put on knock-off, see? If you're going to be iced for ratting when you're innocent, why not make yourself guilty, and score all the rewards that go along with it?"
I shrugged at the perfect cross he was describing. It was true enough - every gang put out hits on
suspected rats, so it had to happen. You start suspecting you've been suspected, and...

General Katana: Youíre not coming back to Zeist, MacLeod.
Connor MacLeod: I never planned to.
General Katana: What do you mean?
Connor MacLeod: After all this time I was ready to kick back, grow old and die. Then you send those punks down here. You changed everything. And now Iím back to square one - immortal, again! So Katana, letís see who goes back to Zeist after all.

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"General Katana is a FUCKING idiot! ...We wouldn't even have a movie if you'd just stayed at home, played some Nintendo, and let the poor bastard drink himself to death in two years. But no, you had to go to Earth and shake his fucking tree."

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