Quotes / My Brain Is Big

Linda: Why do you always get to read the top story, Morbo?
Morbo: Because viewers trust a deep male voice, and huge, throbbing forehead veins!
Futurama, Movie #4: Into the Wild Green Yonder

The man on the screen was an extraordinary-looking individual. He seemed an Earthman, yet his tall, gaunt, black-clothed figure, his enormous bulging forehead and skull, and his hypnotically burning black eyes, gave to his aspect some indefinable but startling aura of the superman.
Captain Future and the Space Emperor, by Edmond Hamilton.

Palindrome: Palindrome here sir; sorry to disturb you.
The Head: That's alright. I was just, as usual, thinking.
Palindrome: Sir, we've got a bit of a headache down here.
The Head: Don't tell me about headaches, Palindrome.
Palindrome: No sir.
The Head: I wrote the book on headaches!
Palindrome: I'm sorry sir, I know how you feel.
The Head: Can you imagine a migraine the size of a super-nova?
Palindrome: Uh... no sir.
The Head: Then you don't know how I feel!