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Quotes: Motivational Lie
Goku: Gohan, remember Icarus?
Gohan: [Gohan has a short flashback of his cute, baby pet dragon Icarus, which ends with Icarus' death]
Goku: Gohan, he did it. [Goku points at Vegeta]
Vegeta: Oh, this is bullshit! I haven't killed a damn thing since I got to this godforsaken planet! Not for lack of trying, mind you...
Stan: You know, somebody once said, "Don't try to be a great man, just be a man."
Jesus: Who said that?
Stan: You did, Jesus.
Jesus: ...You're right, Stan. Thank you, boys! (resumes his fight against Satan)
Kyle: Wow, did he say that in the Bible?
Stan: Nah, I saw it on Star Trek.
Ben: Why would anyone want to attack us?
Sam: Because it's a ploy. If they can make this terrorist group look like they massacred a clinic and killed yours truly, Veracruz can do anything he wants down here. And get a blank check to do it.
Ben: But we're not political! I've never even heard of the Es... what was it?
Sam: Espada Ardiente.
Amanda: Yeah, it happens all the time. I saw it when I worked back in Africa. Some military group needs aid, so they do something really terrible and blame it on their enemies.
Burn Notice prequel The Fall of Sam Axe

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