Quotes / Most Writers Are Writers

"Alan Wake is about a writer, writing about a writer, who is writing about himself and another fucking writer. It's like if M.C. Escher was a writer, and also a douchebag."

“Write what you know”
This is probably the worst piece of advice ever given. This is why we have to suffer through countless variations of plays, TV shows and movies about the trials and tribulations of making plays, TV shows and movies.

One of my greatest fears is the day I wake up and discover that I am, in fact, writing two dimensional characters who are little more than a fantasy of what I wish I could be. Writing men has always been something of a defence mechanism against this development – and I have a pact with several of my friends that the day I even think about writing a writer as my main character, they’ll come and smash my keyboard.

"A particular lowlight came in the middle of the 1987-88 season when ABC premiered and then instantly cancelled a show called Family Man. On top of its superlatively generic title (a year and a half later CBS debuted a different show with the same one, adding only “The”), Family Man may have represented the nadir of creativity in 1980s Hollywood. Not only was the setup as formulaic as possible (husband, wife, three kids), but the titular father was a television writer."

Abed: I want to tell the story of Jesus from the perspective of a filmmaker exploring the life of Jesus.
Shirley: That sounds... very appealing to filmmakers.