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Margaret: It was fate I found you.
Mike: Yes, it was.
Margaret: Because together...
Mike: Yes, we can.
Margaret: When I saw that they came after me...
Mike: It's all right. You're safe.
Margaret: No, I knew that I was being punished.
Mike: It was an accident. No.
Margaret: No, I knew that I was bad. Do you know why? Do you know when I knew? Because I took your knife. That's when I knew.
Mike: What knife?
Margaret: Your knife from the hotel room. And I said that's why it happened. Yes, because I'm bad. Because I stole.
Mike: What is it?
Margaret: Mike, what is it?
Mike: Oh, you're a bad pony and I'm not gonna bet on you.
Margaret: Mike?
House of Games

Susan Ricci: You never know who anybody is. With the exception of me, I am what I look like. Why is that, Mr. Ross?
Joe Ross: I think you look just fine.
Susan: No, anybody could be anybody mysterious or— Take that guy who got off the sea plane. Alright? Take him.
Joe: What about him?
Susan: What about him? Who was he?
Joe: I dunno. Fellow who got off the plane.
Susan: Just my point. Just my point. We think he's the fellow who got off the plane.
Joe: Can't go around mistrusting everybody. You mistrust everybody?
Susan: No. Just strangers.
Joe: Ah. We saw him get off the plane.
Susan: We did not! W-we saw him in a boat which came from the direction of the plane.
Joe: I saw him get off the plane.
Susan: Well, maybe that's just what you think you saw. [pause, Joe sits down] I got a picture. I took a picture of you and he's in the background and I believe you'll see, I can't say that I'm sure, but I think you'll see that his little boat just came from the direction of the plane and we have no idea who anyone is.
The Spanish Prisoner

The Boss: So, Mr. Fisher, you were gonna tell me something?
Slevin: I don't know. You brought me here.
The Boss: Yes, I did, but back when you thought I was him.
Slevin: I never thought you were him, I thought he was you. And I was trying to tell him— you that they picked up the wrong guy.
The Boss: The wrong guy for what?
Slevin: Whatever it is you wanted to see me about.
The Boss: Do you know what I wanted to see you about?
Slevin: No.
The Boss: Then how do you know I have the wrong guy?
Slevin: Because I'm not—
The Boss: Maybe I wanted to give you $96,000; in that case, do I still have the wrong guy?
Slevin: Do you want to give me $96,000?
The Boss: No, do you want to give me $96,000?
Slevin: No, should I?
The Boss: I don't know, should you?
Slevin: I don't know, should I?

Schultz: You sure thats him?
Django: Yeah.
Schultz: Positive?
Django: I don't know.
Schultz: You don't know if you're positive?
Django: I don't know what positive means.
Schultz: It means you're sure.
Django: Yes.
Schultz: Yes what?
Django: Yes I'm sure that's Ellis Brittle.
Django: I'm positive he dead.

(Robert is in the afterlife, his sins are being tallied)
Gil: Let's see... in 1992, you used the F-word one thousand thirty two times.
Robert: I'm an actor, that was the year I did Mamet!
Gil: Oh yes, we have a special place waiting for Mr. Mamet.
from "In God We Trust" (2000), written and directed by Jason Reitman

"Do you take this woman-"
"Do I …?"
"Yes, you. Take this woman."
"This woman?"
"You’re asking me do I take this woman."
"Yes. To be your lawfully wedded wife. To have and-"
"To hold."
"To hold, yes. In sickness and in health-"
"In sickness …"
"And in health."
"Sickness and health …"
"Yes. Till death do you part …"
"Well, do you? Take this woman?"
"This woman, you’re saying, you’re asking me do I take this woman to be my lawfully wedded wife, so forth, in sickness and in health, till death do us part?"
"I fucken do."
Damien Owens, "David Mamet Wedding Vows"

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