Quotes / Madwoman in the Attic

Why are you apologizing to me, Oniisama? (...) Is it for locking me up in the warehouse for nine years, you and Father? That's right! The one who locked me in was you! Avoiding me, in short, abandoning me!
Sakurako, Sakura Gari.

Childeric: And down there in the pitch-black, the steps continue, deeper and deeper into the bowels of the castle.
The Doctor: And what is down there?
Childeric: Hidden alone since birth, untainted and pure... my son - and your new messiah!

Please do not misunderstand us. It's not that we are imprisoning her at all. We're trying to make her leave this place as soon as possible. But, we're only letting her do things the way she wants to. That she is inside this room, that she never tries to leave this place. All of these are that girl's wishes. ...Nobody ever came to visit us knowing we are people of the Kimiyoshi family, as you have. Those people, they think now it's our turn! Thinking about disturbing things like how many will die... Even people of the neighborhood are gossipping! Things like, we'll have talisman decorations on our house as well... Or that we'll be the next ones to be killed by that girl...! But, don't worry, there's nothing to fear if she stays shut up inside here like this.
Natsumi's distant relative, Higurashi: When They Cry, Onisarashi-hen

However, by living together with her, I realized that Natsumi's "wish" was not a lie... At every wink, with every breath. Natsumi kept on blaming herself, for having killed her family, for having tried to kill me. Natsumi's left arm ended up getting stiff, crooked, to the extent that she can't use a blade anymore. After all, to protect Natsumi, there was no choice but to do that. To dispossess her of her field of vision. To restrain both her hands and feet. And imprison her in a dark room.
Akira Toudou, Higurashi: When They Cry, Onisarashi-hen

"I cannot really say I'm sorry for doing this," said the magister. "It's my duty as a caring father to make sure you can't harm anybody. You're insane, you see. Blame it on your mother, if you like. It's all her fault. She never told me about your mad grandmother until we were married, and you know how blood always runs true. Well anyway, you're all secure now. Can't have you wandering about upsetting people, can we? Call if you want anything. Oh, and happy birthday!"

Special Ed!
His momma dropped him
Dropped him on his head!
Now she keeps him
In the shed!
Because he's a little bit special!
Just a widdle bit 'pecial...
Stephen Lynch, Special Ed