Quotes / Love Freak

"I've got nothing but FRIENDLINESS for you, my big friendly big brother friend!"

"I'm sure even her brain is sunny, dood."
Prinny Commentary on Flonne, Disgaea

"This world is made of LOVE AND PEACE!"
Vash the Stampede, Trigun

Genis: Dwarven Vow #7:
Colette: Justice and love will always win!
Lloyd: Ugh, I hate that saying!

Colette: Our weapons are love!
Genis: Justice! And...
Kratos: *sighs* Hope...
Tales of Symphonia, again

Colette: Victory comes from love and goodness!
Ratatosk Emil: Then there's no victory here...
Colette: That's easy! Just fall in love with Marta!
Marta: Colette, you're a genius!

Estelle: Our weapons are love!
Yuri: Justice!
Raven: Sexuality!
Rita: ... Would you stop?
— Eventually parodied in Tales of Vesperia

"Why is it always love with you?"
Shirogane to Fujiwara, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War