Quotes / Leave the Camera Running

Strong Sad: I minored in holding on wide-shots for too long! (camera proceeds to linger on Strong Sad after he's stopped talking)

"I guess that's the story. But we've still got 59 minutes left in our program, so I guess we'll just sit here..."
— The narrator of Where Are They Now? Kajagoogoo, an Easter Egg from Retarded Animal Babies episode 4

"Why is it that some directors donít know how to move a camera? At times it feels as though I am watching a piece of theatre, but I have seen stage plays where the stage and the actors move more often than the cameras in this story. Moffatt explains in the DVD extras that he likes to rest the camera and let the actors do the work, but when your cast is as lacking as this, you are stuck with no visual stimulation to distract you from their dismal efforts."
Doc Oho on Doctor Who, "The Visitation"

"Sybok is a passionate Vulcan. He cures peoples' pain with Vulcan-ness. He's got super-emotional powers, and his mission to essentially find Heaven in space somewhere. Yeah, that's the plot. I just wanted to get into the general premise in case you forgot what this fuckin' movie was about; or if you thought you were watching The Hole-Digging & Horse Desert Show."

"This is actually the first movie I have listed that I havenít seen all the way through (my copy was so scratched up it locked up after an hour)...I was staring at a shot of an open field for a full minute before I realized the movie locked up. I thought it was another long shot."

Joel: DO SOMETHING! God...

"Eventually, it gets to the point that you can get up, go to the bathroom, grab a can of pop from the fridge, and sit back down, all without missing anything."
Op Megs

"And - Iím not kidding - this shot of them just looking at a TV screen with nothing going on at all: eight minutes long, folks. EIGHT MINUTES!! Oh my God, this movie was just bad before; but now, we suddenly worked our way into Manos territory! What the hell are you doing? Just get something done! My God, REALLY?! Youíre DOING THIS? Did the editor just commit suicide at the end of this movie? Lord knows I donít blame him, but WHAT THE HELL?!?! TELL THE STORY! DEVELOP THE CHARACTERS!"
Nostalgia Critic on Doomsday Machine